2.1   Brief Background of the subject property (Carnarvon Estate)

The farm is currently owned by the DRDLR who bought it from the Halse Family in 2008, whom also inherited the farm from their parents since the 18thcentury. The farm then has a history of supporting families from generation to generation

2.2 Physical description of the farm

2.2.1 Location and farm size

The subject farm is located about 0 km North of Queenstown and +/- 20km East of Sterkstroom on R344 road to Dordrecht. The subject farm consists of three portions (Carnarvon, Balmoral and Black eagle) which are also subdivided into eight portions. The subject property is 5431.7190 hectares in extent and fall under the Queenstown Regional Division. Please refer to Annexure 1 for the aerial map of the farm

2.2.2 Soils and Vegetation

The marginal areas of the mountains country made up of rocky outcrops and sheet rock supporting interspersed with rich grass valley.

The valley systems on the flatter grounds are made up of decomposed dolerite soils making them ideal for cultivated agriculture.

The soil found in the area between the river valleys are more sedimentary in nature supporting rolling grassland suited for stock grazing

2.2.3 Climate and Topography

The terrain varies from fairly levels plains to undulating and mountainous areas. The property being nestled at foot of Andriesberg, which is part of greater Mount Authur Range of mountains with average rainfall of 550mm to +/- 700mm per annum.

The climate is moderate with mild to warm summer season and cold in winter and the temperature varies from 4-20 degrees Celsius and frost occurrence is very high followed by snow in high grounds.

The altitude ranges from 1500mm-2100mm, low lying topography areas are mostly flatland, becoming undulating as the topography changes at foothills of the mountains. The topography varies from flat in the north to mountainous in the south. This has important significance combined with the fact that the mountains are dolerite outcrops leads to serious catchment for water runoff.

2.2.4 Water

The combination of terrain and topography as detailed above forms the heart of sizeable water supply. These catchments can be detailed as follows:

Grass kop catchment-originating eastern side of the subject properties with a natural watercourse towards the colossal dam on the farm Grootvlei as major storage dam. This then overflows into popular and new dams and here is fed into various systems including the gravity fed irrigation system.

Glen Duxbury Catchment this is also natural watercourse flowing into the Glen Duxbury dam then on to the colossal.

It also supplies water into the agricultural activities of the main valley.

Bolmoral Catchment this originates in the west of the properties with the water course eventually reaching the new dam where it joins the distribution network



This enterprise has been develop by the previous owners for number years and later introduced exotic wildlife. The game runs wild and requires little maintenance and low management skills. The hunting business has been operating since 70’s and it was based on local hunting clients and also forms a back bone of accommodation provided by Stagger Inn. Though there are some overseas trophy hunters the main hunting services is provided for local hunters, their families and friends.

3.1 Game lodge Stagger Inn and conference facilities

Lodging is also provided on the farm provided by the following magnificent bed and breakfast with exceptional self-catering lode

The Stagger Inn Lodge is located at back corner of the estate in a quiet environment, which affords nature loving gests to be in touch with nature. The lodge is rated as a three =-star with 7 exclusive individually styled en-suite bedrooms, two of which are family units giving a total of 20 beds. Beside the magnificent view of the lodge have a built-in sitting room cash bar and dining room with log fire places stagger Inn is viewed as ideal place for small groups or individual to pursue country pleasure at its best.


The Carnarvon Estate a beef, dairy, sheep and game farm estimated at 5431,919 ha in the Eastern Cape is one of NERPO’s one stop benchmark training and development venue.

The Stagger Inn at Carnarvon Estate has received a three star AA quality assured programme traveled guide rating. The Carnarvon game farm offers comfortable accommodation, and is decorated to complement the natural surroundings of the game farm.

There are three training venues one accommodating 30 people and two smaller venues accommodating 20 and 12 people respectively. The smaller venue is a quaint thatch room.  These venues are fully equipped with flipchart stand and overhead projector or laptops.

Trainees are offered hands-on experiential training in cattle, sheep, goat, and crop farming.  The Carnarvon farm is also equipped with a medium-size milk processing plant as a value-added proposition for trainees to be exposed to dairy farming.


To own and manage benchmark farms that provide the best hands on training for emerging livestock farmers and youth in agribusiness.

Key objectives

- To provide adequate and sustainable facilities for training and development of emerging farmers, unemployed agricultural graduates and matriculants who are not able to persue tertiary education.

- To run and manage all trust farms on a profitable model

- To ensure steady growth of all business enterprises of the Trust up to their maximum potential

- To maximise the economic return from the sustainable supply of consumer safe products, using integrated farm management technologies that incorporate fully traceable food chain linkages throughout the production, processing and marketing structure.