Leadership training and governance programme

Strategic objective of the programme

• To strengthen the leadership capacity to influence policy positively through successful advocacy and lobbying actions on behalf of the members and the industry 
• To strengthen the leadership ability to influence the group towards achievement of set goals 
• To increase the effectiveness and understanding by the Board members of their legal responsibilities in terms of corporate governance

Current status

The concept of policy advocacy and lobbying through organised agriculture in the true sense of western world is still very new to the South African emerging farmers. This is probably because of the previous circumstances that prevented them from forming organised lobby groups. The current provincial and regional structures of the Organisation lack understanding of their role as directors of the Organisation including management and administration of their structures. The effectiveness of the Organisation depends on its governance structures. Human capacity and skilled leadership are critical components of organisational effectiveness.


A training programme covering the following broad aspects is necessary to improve the capacity of NERPO leadership:

• Lobbying and policy advocacy 
• Directorship and corporate governance 
• Leadership in general