NERPO Consulting and Training Services (NCTS)

Organisational Profile

Nerpo Consulting (NCTS) was established in 1999 as a division of the National Emergent Red Meat Producer’s Organisation (NERPO), a registered non-profit framer organisation (section 21 company). Having observed huge skills and economic divide in the agricultural industry, NCTS was primarily established to facilitate commercialisation of the emerging agricultural sector and ensure a meaningful participation of emerging farmers, youth and woman in the main mainstream commercial agribusiness sector, while ensuring that South Africa’s Agriculture is viable and sustainable. NCTS has since been commissioned by a number of National and International Organisations to conduct research, provide training and manage agricultural related programmes.


To be an internationally recognised centre for excellence that will assist our clients to prosper and achieve their aims by means of our multidisciplinary expertise, science-based information and implementation services


Our mission is to provide a one-stop service that will:

- Advise farmers, agribusinesses and policy makers son how to optimise production, technically and economically and in an environmentally sustainable manner

- Provide objective, timely and accurate domestic and international agricultural market information, to enable producers, agribusinesses, consumers and policy makers to make daily, monthly and long term marketing decisions;

- Assist the Government, District Municipalities and Private Sector companies with the planning and implementation of viable land reform projects and AgriBEE initiatives

- Provide skills based and Learnership training   to emerging farmers, farm managers, extension officers and young agribusiness entrepreneurs

Skills Offered

- Organisational development and governance;

- Entrepreneurial skills development;

- Large and small stock production and value adding;

- Natural Resources management;

- Project management and implementation;

- Agribusiness development and management;

- Feasibility studies;

- Training & Advisory services;

- Research

Nerpo Consulting Team Profiles

Mr. Aggrey Mahanjana

Mr. Aggrey Mahanjana

NERPO Group Managing Director

Mr. Mahanjana has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Fort Hare majoring in Land Use planning, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development; a Masters Degree in Animal Production from University of Pretoria and Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (HED) from University of Fort Hare; Post graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education from UNISA; Economics and Public Finance from UNISA and is currently registered for a PhD in Sustainable development with the University of Stellenbosch. His work experience stretches over 25 years and includes being a project manager and Agricultural Extension specialist in the former Ciskei government; a Lecturer and a Principal at Fort Cox College of agriculture and forestry. Currently he is a consultant and NERPO Group Executive Director. His area of speciality is agricultural and rural development with emphasis in human aspects of development. He is a writer, a researcher, agricultural skills trainer and well known and respected in the agricultural sector especially in the Red Meat Industry.



Senior Consultant

Dr. Simela holds a PhD in Meat Science which she obtained from the University of Pretoria (2005). Prior to her PhD studies, Dr. Simela worked as a research fellow of the University of Zimbabwe on projects aimed to improve production and marketing of small ruminants from smallholder farmers (1997-1999). She has also worked on wide array of agricultural development programmes with an Agricultural Consulting Company (1997 – 1999). In 2003 - 4, she was commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters in Rome to compile the FAO Manual on Good Practices for the Meat Industry. Dr. Simela is currently an Executive Director and Senior Consultant of NERPO.

Mrs. Elizabeth Möller

Mrs. Elizabeth Möller

Youth Development Consultant

Mrs. Möller has extensive experience in the management, design, development and training of programmes that are compliant with various SETA requirements (such as AgriSETA, Services SETA and W&R SETA). She has assisted a number of companies to develop and register accredited training programmes with the relevant SETAs. Her recent achievement has been the registration of NERPO’s Young Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Development Programme (YAEDP) with the Services SETA. She has applied experience in facilitating coordinating & monitoring of training and mentoring projects for smallholder livestock farmers. Ms Möller is an astute education and training quality assurance manager. She also has extensive experience in training in customer service skills. She has a Master’s Degree from Pretoria University, an Honours Degree in Training Management as well as a National Diploma in Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices. She is also an accredited Assessor and Moderator (AGRI/MOD/0127/08).